John Deere 4020 starter problems

John Deere 4020 starter problems Problems

It’s my first time here and I’m having trouble starting my old John Deere 4020. The truck has been sitting in my shop because I only use it for walnut harvest once a year. The starter was redone a couple years ago and the solenoid was giving trouble so I replaced it. Now the starter worked before I replaced the starter solenoid, but now it shifts out of gear but does not come into contact with the flywheel.

I have removed it and used jumper cables from my truck (diesel truck) and it kicks hard and turns fast. I have removed the end to see the bushings and everything inside and they look nice and even blown the dust out of it. I’ve gone crazy with this thing. The flywheel looks good with no broken teeth and the starter looks the same. It is a 12 volt system that uses two 6 volt batteries connected together to make 12 volts. Any help please before I shoot this sucker

John Deere 4020 starter repair

It must be a different system of 4029 = 0 than I remember. Ours had 2 12 volt batteries.

I would recheck the voltages. Clean all contacts on the tractor. ….

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