John Deere 4020 – Problems and repair

Is it Bad News for this John Deere 4020 Problems

Yesterday I discovered a problem with my John Deere 4020. The diesel does not
crank. Tell me please, what could be the harm?

You must use the recommended grade of fuel. High pressure fuel pump
it’s broken. Check and repair. Incorrect timing of fuel injection pump. Adjust if

I would like to know why my steering wheel turns unopposed?
What are my actions to fix a problem?

Low oil capacity – Pour full oil. The steering cylinder is defective – Perform
repair. The steering pump has worn out – Install a new pump.

I have bought a JD 4020 in September. Today there is a breakdown. Diesel
engine does not start. Can someone help me identify the source of the problem?

Starter motor is damaged – Check starter motor and replace if necessary. Restriction
in a fuel line – Cleaning and flushing is required. Dirty fuel filter element – Replace fuel filter. Piston Ring Failure – Should be repaired.

John Deere 4020 repair

I have bought the same tractor. Recently, the steering wheel works with difficulty. Tell me

What is the malfunction?

Low oil level. It is necessary to refill the oil. hydraulic connection

leaking. You need to fix a fault. The steering pump is worn.

Check the steering pump. Power steering wear. Replace it.

Tractor failure 4020. Difficult diesel starting. Please help me find the

reason for failure. What needs to be repaired?

Blockage in air cleaner / filter. Cold start system used incorrectly.

Damage or wear of the piston rings. Cracked injector body or cup. Water

mixed in fuel. Fuel too heavy at low temperature.

Problems with JD 4020 diesel. Engine difficult to start regularly. How I can

How could you resolve the issue?

Obstruction in fuel tank vent. Air in the fuel tank. Bleed the fuel tank.

Restriction in the exhaust pipe. Slow starting speed. Diesel injection

Defective or blocked diesel injectors. Clogged fuel filter. Clean or replace the filter

made out of fuel. Long periods of idling.

The steering does not work on our tractor. What repairs should I do?

Air is in the hydraulic system. It is necessary to remove the air. Low hydraulic oil

level in the system. Fill the tank. Power steering cylinder wear.

Fix it.

I use the same tractor. Why won’t the diesel engine start? How could

solve a problem?

Valve timing is incorrect – Make adjustment. Low compression. Cylinder bores

worn – Repair. Leakage between seats and valves – Eliminate leakage.

John Deere 4020 damage. I hear the pounding of a diesel engine. What kind of


Small quantity oil. You must pour this. The coolant temperature is low.

I can’t understand why the front axle of the tractor is making a rumble

chronically at the time of movement?

Gear teeth crumble. It is recommended to replace the gear. Bearings

are firmly erased. Change the replacement.

I have this model for three years. Regularly starting the engine is difficult. How

to get rid of this?

The injector is dirty. The injector needs to be inspected. High pressure

fuel pump not working. Install a new fuel pump.

I have the same tractor. Can someone tell me why the differential lock is

suddenly defective? How can i fix it? What should I do?

It involves rupturing the diaphragm or replacing the friction clutch discs. Requires


I am using a 4020 tractor. The diesel engine will not start. Help me how can i

fix this?

Most likely, the fuel filter element is dirty. If not, the adjustment of the high pressure fuel pump

fuel pump setting is not correct.

Please help. The engine overheats. What is the problem?

The coolant level has dropped. Pour fluid into the radiator to the recommended level.

The radiator is dirty – Clean it. Engine overloaded. Shift to a lower gear or

reduce the load. Loose or fan belt problem – Adjust fan belt and replace if necessary.


These symptoms are evidence of rolling problems.

Help with the question what if the engine emits white smoke?

If white gas is visible from the exhaust pipe it is required to change the piston

piston rings immediately.

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