John Deere 4020 injector pump issue

John Deere 4020 injector pump issue Problems

I was waging when my tractor John Deere 4020 began slowly losing the revolutions. Finally he went to idle and then turned off. I changed and purged the system but I still could not get it to work. It will light up and have fun for a second and turn off as if it were hungry fuel.

I stopped it stopped for a few weeks and when I visited the project again, it worked at idle with the accelerator back, but never far beyond 8-900 rpm. The lifting pump is old but it seems to be pumping fuel. To what do these symptoms sound like? I would appreciate any opinion you may have.

John Deere 4020 injector pump

It sounds like the classic problem of “flexible ring” ..
Remove the return line at the top of the injection pump … Now remove the accessories to the aluminum lid and put it on track without all accessories and line … Do you run and revolutionize?
Clean the accessory … It has a ball and a spring and gets clogged with trash and will turn off the engine …
If it is a flexible ring problem, it will continue turning off … and you need to repair the pump … I can do that for you.
The 4020’s had 2 different pumps “Rossa Master” … a CBC and a JDB … If it is a JDB, do what is indicated above …

I have removed the entry line and accessories and cleaned the screen on the accessory, but not the return line. It is on the side of the pump and the entrance is at the top. I have attached a couple of photos as a reference. Is there a mesh within the return line of this type of pump as well?

Thank you for your response and for any additional information you can offer.

Great call on the return line stopper. I have taken the line, I found the crap you were talking about, I cleaned, I have started it with said line removed. Then I put the Bush Hog again and I cut for an hour and started losing power again as before. He stopped before he could go back to the workshop, so I took the line in the middle of the field, although I did not see a stack of obvious garbage, he turned again and cut for a couple of hours without incident.

What is that flexible ring you are talking about? I still have a problem with the accelerator that does not respond as it should. When I pushed until the idle I want to die, so when I pull the accelerator down just a little that will revolutionize much more than the amount of acceleration given, much more! I’m thinking that a bomb review is in the near future.

Another other comments on the subject?

And BTW a million thanks for helping so much so far !!!

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